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DebtSave Credit Control and
Debt Collection Service
Debtsave has been providing debt collection and associated advisory services since 1985. Our success is a reflection of the wealth of experience built up by our staff during our 25+ years in the industry.

Account Collection

Overdue payments can have serious consequences on a company's cash flow. It is always our aim when retrieving this sort of debt to ensure that business relationships are maintained avoiding undue damage to future orders.

Wherever appropriate we make maximum use of telephone contact in an effort to resolve any problems and ensure that payments are made.
Even where a resolution cannot easily be achieved, we are frequently asked to isolate any problems and obtain payment of the remainder of the account.

Debt Collection

It is commonly known that debtors are more likely to settle their debts when a third party is involved.
Debtsave has a specialised debt recovery section which can take over collection of particularly difficult accounts - especially those which are significantly overdue.

We invariably act as negotiators prior to litigation and our aim is to avoid legal action if at all possible.

All our systems are accepted by Customs & Excise for the purposes of complying with VAT regulations.
Full audit trails can be produced as and when required.


Effective and professional Accounts and Debt Collection Services

Credit Management
Credit Management, Credit Control and Sales Ledger administration services, listing transactions for all invoices and receipts. Managing Aged Debtors and Debtors Ledgers with analysis.

Turnover report per customer
A narrative report of the reasons for any amounts which are seriously overdue

Monthly statements for all outstanding balances

Letter writing
Automatic production of collection letters in respect of overdue accounts or accounts not being operated within agreed limits

Risk Control
Managing busininess risk and exposure effectively

Legal Services
Persuing debts through the courts and enforcing judgements